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Lefktro UK Ltd is a major importer and national distributor of extra virgin olive oils, cooking alcohols, balsamic vinegar and other premium ingredients.

Lefktro sets the standard for quality and value and supplies to food service companies, wholesale groups and manufacturers.

Through forging strong relationships with suppliers in Greece, Italy, Spain and France, Lefktro offer fully traceable quality and excellence at every price point for all stages of production from field to shelf. This commitment assures cost effectiveness and consistency for customers and end users alike.

Using years of valuable experience in the industry to underpin innovative strategies and modern approaches, Lefktro operates at the cutting edge in terms of the techniques and technology used to source, package, deliver and supply products. If we do not stock the product you require then we are sure that we can find it for you.

The company's diverse portfolio of products have been selected to provide the highest quality at a competitive price point. The wide selection of olive oils covers the full spectrum of flavours and characteristics with one to suit every requirement or recipe.

Other products available include cooking wines and alcohols, pomace oil, balsamic and speciality vinegars, nut and seed oils, premium olives and antipasti, rice, pasta, mushrooms and much more. With every item hand-picked as a fine example of it's kind, exceptional quality and value is assured. The process of sourcing never stops and the range continues to increase reflecting market demands for new and exciting modern ingredients.

Lefktro UK Ltd is a unique resource for your company: combining extremely competitive pricing structures, bulk supply and modern distribution methods with an exceptional attention to detail and unrivalled commitment to delivering outstanding service.

* Pronounced "lef-ka-tro"