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26TH MAY 2016

Introducing our Suppliers : Masia El Altet

Masia El Altet is a uniquely situated farm producing exceptional olive oil in the Alicante mountains.



Masia El Altet is a relatively young Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil producer founded in 1985 that specializes in growing and processing it’s own olives and bottling the oil for export around the world. The Masia El Altet farm is situated in the rural area of Alcoy in the Alicante Mountains at an altitude of 780 to 830 meters above sea level. The unique microclimate has a notable influence on the characteristic flavour of the olives grown here and the 14,000 olive trees are tended with precision and monitored with care to ensure effective nutrition and maintain the trees and their fruit in optimal condition.

The olive trees are a careful mix of hundred year old trees that have long grown at the site and newer trees to yield a crop that combines for a perfectly balanced olive oil.  Following expert consultation the varieties cultivated are Picual, Arbequina, Bianqueta, Genovasa and Alfafarenca. Fertilisation and pest control are carried out using the most environmentally sound products and techniques. Harvesting takes place when the olives begin to ripen and change from green to bluish red, the moment at which it’s juice will be at its most flavoursome.


The freshly harvested olives are immediately pressed in the high tech olive mill onsite. Extremely careful monitoring throughout every stage of the process is the key to Masia El Altet achieving their exceptional quality, award winning oil that is recognised by experts as “an excellent, complex product with great personality”.

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