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26TH MAY 2016

Introducing Our Suppliers : Manfredi Barbera

Family run Manfredi Barbera produce innovative olive oils in Sicily.


The Barbera family founded by Manfredi Barbera in 1888 on their estate in San Lorenzo ai Colli near Palmero, Sicily. The business began with cultivation of citrus fruits and olives for olive oil. The company enjoyed great success and won awards for its olive oils and continued to grow and innovate, forming partnerships with other farms in the area to keep up with demand. Over the years the best olive growing areas in Sicily have been identified and from each of these areas the best olives from the various cultivars are selected for their distinct characteristics and used in creating olive oils of exceptional quality.

Today the company is headed by the fourth generation of Barberas and it continues to go from strength to strength by marrying tradition and passion with modern technology and innovation. By diversifying into products such as infused flavoured olive oils and the company's first 'pitted' oil, which is made by removing the olive pits before pressing for a unique flavour and aroma.


At all stages from growing the olives to bottling and delivery the oils are carefully monitored and state-of-the art facilities ensure the products are of consistently excellent quality, adhering to the highest health and safety standards.

Perfecting the quality of all their products is a primary focus, and a passion for the land combined with a keen entrepreneurial spirit makes Manfredi Barbera a worthy ambassador for Sicily, exporting premium products throughout the world.

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